Some examples of our photo locations and film locations:
  • film location 2339
  • film location 677
  • film location 1190
  • film location 2520
  • film location 2055
  • film location 2454
  • film location 253
  • film location 1642
  • film location 1461
  • film location 1958
  • film location 2606
  • film location 2697
  • film location 912
  • film location 2069
  • film location 166
  • film location 1144
  • film location 385
  • film location 599
  • film location 1375
  • film location 815
  • film location 2676
  • film location 1616
  • film location 303
  • film location 2160
  • film location 1540
  • film location 2317
  • film location 1280
  • film location 614
  • film location 305
  • film location 2581

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Would you like to add your house, villa, office or any nice location suitable for photo or film production to our location agency? This is possible via 'Add your location'.

Your location will be reviewed and when approved added to our database. If we have a job for your location we will contact you.

Location scout

Finding the best photo or film location is intensive and time consuming. The Location Bank has many years experience as location agency in finding suitable film locations.

Our location scouts can find for you the best film locations for your tv-commercial or photo shoot. If we don't have the right location in our location database, we will find it for you, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Film productions

Film productions, photo productions, tv-commercials, web films and short films are regularly produced by The Location Bank.

We have an experienced production team for all your film shoots and photo shoots.

Fixer in The Netherlands

If you like to do a filmshoot in holland and you need a local producer in Amsterdam or a good film producer in The Netherlands? Just call us or email us. We have an enormous experience in line producing in the Netherlands with many foreign filmcompanies see our portfolio.

We are the best fixer in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the Netherlands. We speak fluent English, German, Dutch, and reasonable French and Spanish. For more info on film productions in Holland, just contact us.

We are looking forward to meet you.

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Our location database contains more than 5000 locations that can be used for film and commercial productions. If you cannot find the film location or photo location that fullfills your needs, please contact us.