About The Location Bank

The Location Bank was founded in 1990 by Franck Hakkert. Before this Franck Hakkert worked 10 years as a producer, executive producer and production manager for many film, television, photo shoots and tv-commercials. In those years he noticed the shift from studio production to film and photography on location.

The production value on location is unbeatable compared to a studio shoot. Franck also experienced how difficult and time consuming it is for a film producer to find the right film location. At that time there were no professional location scouts and location managers. So he decided to use his own experience and founded The Location Bank.

The Location Bank is currently one of the most succesfull location agency's in the Netherlands and far abroad, and has worked on many international film shoots, tv-advertisement and photo productions.

The year long global search for suitable film and photo locations has resulted in a tremendous location database. Many film directors and professional photographers use our database on a daily base. If we do not have the right location in our location database, our location scouts will find the right location for you, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Besides scouting locations, Franck Hakkert still loves producing film and photo shoots. The Location Bank has a highly experienced production team for your film and photo shoots.

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Our location database contains more than 5000 locations that can be used for film and commercial productions. If you cannot find the film location or photo location that fullfills your needs, please contact us.